Secure Document Management

We continually strive for the highest levels of security. As well as document-handling staff, all team members at our storage facility have been through the DBS checking process. Our storage facilities have gated perimeter fences, 24/7 security patrols and advanced CCTV. Our gate staff require identification for anyone entering the facility, and only authorised personnel are admitted. Environmental controls and advanced fire protection systems are fitted throughout. We have a dedicated fleet of GPS-tracked vehicles to control all document transport to and from storage. These vehicles are purposely unmarked for additional security.

Archive Storage

For over 20 years, Mantech have been keeping clients’ documents safe and secure. We pride ourselves on providing a transparent, efficient and cost-effective archive storage service. On top of that, when on an all inclusive contract we offer FREE collection and retrieval of documents, and we do not charge for non-urgent deliveries of your documents.

Document Scanning

Mantech document scanning services offer major cost and time savings when it comes to information processing and management. Frequently accessed documents, including single or double-sided, colour and embossed assets, can be scanned and made available for use immediately in electronic format. Other documents can be scanned as and when you need them.


In response to customer demand, we have developed a cataloguing and file organisation service. After an overview of the volume and content of the files, and an initial consultation, our document management specialists will quickly, efficiently and discreetly get to work to organise your files in a clear and systematic way. This means that any files / boxes coming into our storage area are catalogued in a systematic way regardless of how varied the data collection procedure from different staff at your premises was.

Document Storage Boxes

Unlike other storage vendors we storage all your documents in high impact ABS plastic cases. This means that they are tougher and more robust than other document storage boxes. We supply them to all of our customers who use our storage facilities, but they are also available if you want to keep your files at your premises. Further they have an ergonomically designed handle built in which makes them more comfortable and safe to carry.

Secure Document Storage

Secure Document StorageSecure document storage services in London, Essex, Suffolk and the Midlands with Clarks Archive Storage. The security of our facilities is of paramount importance. Clarks Archive Storage continually strive for the highest levels of security with our secure document storage services.

Mantech maintains policies in line with ISO 27001 – Information technology, Security techniques and Information security management. These operating procedures mean we do everything possible to manage your data by implementing the highest security management systems around. We are regularly audited and we are committed to innovation and best practice.

Safe secure disposal of IT equipment

Most organisations have large quantities of highly sensitive data stored on their IT equipment. Keeping this information safe and secure once the equipment reaches the end of its life, and has become obsolete, can be a real worry, particularly with the proliferation of devices due to the move away from PC’s towards laptops and mobile smart devices. The worry of confidential information getting into the wrong hands, and the fear of the consequential damage to reputation and finances, often leads to old, unwanted IT equipment being ‘stockpiled’, taking up much needed storage space.

However, disposal of your obsolete IT needn’t be a headache. We offer a efficient disposal service ensures that your unwanted IT equipment will be disposed of safely, securely, in compliance with data privacy legislation and the WEEE directive.

Our WEEE compliant IT removal and disposal service includes:

  • Collection of your IT equipment from your company location.
  • Cataloguing of all removed equipment and provision of an asset list and waste transfer note.
  • Secure disposal of digital and magnetic media including hard drives, discs, and back up media, ensuring that devices cannot be read or retrieved.
  • A detailed certificate of data / asset destruction.

Using the latest technology, your old or unwanted hard drives and magnetic media including tapes, optical media (CDs/DVDs, Blu-ray), credit and identity cards, USB sticks, mobile phones and PDAs are shredded into tiny particles that make data recovery impossible. Our simple pricing structure – we charge by the kilogram – helps make life easy especially where there is a mix of different obsolete, or unwanted, IT equipment.